What is digital transformation in networking?

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What is aspect of digital transformation?

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  2. One of the best examples of digital transformation on LinkedIn is their adoption of machine learning to personalize content for users. This has resulted in a more engaging user experience and increased user retention. Some of the specific ways LinkedIn has implemented machine learning include:
  3. Feed ranking: LinkedIn’s feed algorithm uses machine learning to prioritize content that is most relevant and engaging to individual users.
  4. Job recommendations: LinkedIn’s job recommendation engine uses machine learning to suggest relevant job openings to users based on their skills and experience.
  5. People you may know: LinkedIn’s “People you may know” feature uses machine learning to suggest connections to users based on their network and profile information.
  6. In addition to these specific use cases, LinkedIn has also invested in building a platform for developers to create machine learning-powered applications on top of their data. This has led to a growing ecosystem of third-party apps and integrations that further enhance the value of LinkedIn’s data.
  7. Overall, LinkedIn’s adoption of machine learning is a great example of how digital transformation can enable personalized experiences and drive business value. By leveraging data and technology in innovative ways, LinkedIn has positioned itself as a leader in the professional networking space.

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